The Father and Son Green Team
Focused on customer satisfaction and service, Enviro Hardwood strives to present customers with the highest quality in eco-friendly hardwood flooring at competitive prices. It is our goal to be part of the global green-thinking solution and to further progressive alternatives to traditional flooring and building materials.

The Collection
Being part of a 50-year restoration plan is something we are quite proud of. The same with our exclusive contract with Suriname, a nation renowned world-wide for a serious ecological commitment to their rainforests. This is reflected in our first collection’s title, Maguari: The Discovery Collection. Named after a stork indigenous to the wetlands of the region, each subsequent collection shall also bear this proud nomenclature of Lake Brokopondo’s native species.

Future Releases
Such a carefully regulated harvest moves at a carefully regulated rate. Our business model allows only the most energy efficient methods possible, from harvest to distribution. This permits only a fixed number of species to be reclaimed, manufactured and then transported at any given time. Quantities are currently limited. As larger quantities of other timber species are gradually retrieved, we will release future hardwood collections.

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