Angelique Teak is well-known for its strength and inherent natural durability. The colours are a wide spectrum of beautiful honey brown shades from light honey to chocolate brown.

About Angelique Teak Hardwood
Medium in texture with a usually straight grain highlighted by prominent vessels on the side grain, Angelique is widely substituted for other common teak species both outdoors and in flooring. It is used in parquet patterns where it uniquely reveals an almost 3-D depth, yielding a brown colour when viewed with the grain and a lighter tan colour when viewed across the grain.

Angelique wood flooring has a medium range of colour varying from a tan nut brown colour through to medium browns, some of which when freshly milled reveal a purplish cast.

Angelique exhibits a medium degree of colour change with the muting of the varied browns to a medium/dark brown over time.

Janka Hardness: 1290
Texture: Medium, Uniform
Botanical Name: Dicorynia, Guianensis
Family: Leguminosae (Papilionoidae)

International Trade Names:
  • Angelique
Complete Technical Characteristics
Physical and processing specifications for this hardwood species.
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