Lake Brokopondo
Lake Brokopondo, approximately 1,000,000 million acres in total area, was created in 1965 to provide hydroelectric power for Suriname. Through contracts with the Surinamese government, Enviro Hardwood has exclusive distribution and harvest rights for the over thirty valuable tropical hardwood species standing in the lake.

By harvesting the trees in the lake, we are embarking on the only project of this nature in the world. Our project is completely environmentally friendly. No live trees are being harvested from the rainforest. Our product qualifies for international Smart Wood certification and meets all FSC requirements.

Making a Difference
Not all tree logging is detrimental to the forests. If the harvesting is done correctly, it will actually help sustain the forestís natural balance for years to come. No live timber is ever touched by our dive teams or crews and our energy consumption is barely recognizable.

The projected time span of our reclamation project is more than 50 years. Our company will provide an estimated 100 new jobs to the local community which is much needed for their economy. In cooperation with Suriname's strictly enforced Green Program, Enviro Hardwood will educate local loggers in the sustainable yield method of harvesting timber.

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