Perfectly preserved. Incredibly durable. Exceptionally beautiful. The most sought after precious hardwoods, harvested, manufactured and delivered in an unbelievable 100% environmentally friendly manner.

Enhancing the beauty of your expanse has never been easier, whether it be for home, office or outdoor space. Make an environmentally responsible choice with Enviro Hardwood.

Enviro Hardwood offers only timbers that qualify for international SmartWood certification and meet all FSC requirements.

Our first collection of premium exotic hardwood is now available for North American distribution. Choose from highly sought after species such as Angelique Teak, Jatoba, Ingapipa, Massaranduba, Ipe and Purple Heart.

From Suriname With Love
We call it Maguari. You will call it beautiful. The name is taken from a stork indigenous to the wetlands of Suriname. It continues to thrive and coexist completely undisturbed in the natural habitat of our harvest area, Lake Brokopondo.

As part of the progressive 50 year plan in clearing Lake Brokopondo, our offerings will increase to include six complete timber collections over time. Contact us to learn more about future collections.

Enviro Fact: Did You Know?

Our method for harvesting submerged timber is the only project of itís kind in the world and serves to educate others in positive forest reclaimation.

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