Timber Harvesting with the Lake Brokopondo Recovery Project
Lake Brokopondo is a man-made reservoir deep in the heart of the Suriname rainforest. Originally created to provide hydro-electric power for the area, this body of water covers 1,560 sq km. This flooded valley contains over 30 perfectly-preserved exotic hardwood species.

Expert dive teams work together to claim each individual tree using underwater sawing equipment. Oxygen-powered saws serve a dual purpose both above and below the surface. First the trunk is cut below the surface, and is then sectioned into smaller, more manageable segments above. Divers are local residents specially trained by a Brazilian dive team members and can hold their breath for 10 minutes or longer.

Since tropical hardwoods do not float, each tree is winched to an awaiting boat. When the boat is full, the logs are then transported to a collection barge where they await transport at day's end. By holding the reclaimed timber offshore and reducing the number of trips, we drastically lower energy consumption. Thus, once daily at sunset, the collection barge heads for home with all crew aboard, transporting the logs to the mill site located directly lakeside.

Our mill operation is a joint venture between local companies who co-operatively use the facility. The sawn lumber is transported to the processing and manufacturing facility located in Paramaribo. Here, the lumber will be selected for various usages then kiln dried, planed and graded accordingly.

After the lumber has been processed into hardwood, it is subjected to a final inspection and packed for export to North America.

Authentic Green Certification
The Forest Stewardship Council is a global non-profit organization that monitors the responsible chain of custody for every piece of timber we harvest. This occurs on each step of the way from the Lake Brokopondo Recovery Project to the processing plant at Paramaribo and then on to our shipping dock.

Our product is more than qualified for international Smart Wood certification and meets all FSC requirements. We are currently in the process and awaiting final approval from the FSC board of directors. Due to the nature of the work, it is a lengthy process. We expect to receive our documentation within the coming year.

For more information about our certification status, please contact us.

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