An incredible texture combines with subtle warm colour tones to create a fascinating illusion of tightly bundled straw. Durable, affordable and now eco-friendly, Ingapipa from Enviro Hardwood is one of the world’s most desirable flooring materials.

About Ingapipa Hardwood
Also known as Tauri, this Brazilian Oak is quite similar to North American Red Oak but 13% harder. In addition to providing the highly sought after "wheat" colour associated with domestic oak, this hardwood is also very resistant to decay, impact and insects, ensuring the long lasting enjoyment of one of the world’s most unique hardwood floors.

It ranges from tan to medium brown in colour and has a uniform, even-to-straight graining pattern.

The sapwood is not distinct from the heartwood, which is cream coloured with a pinkish or yellowish tinge.

Janka Hardness: 1500
Texture: Fine
Botanical Name: Couratari Oblongifolia
Family: Lecythidaceae

International Trade Names:
  • Ingapipa
  • Tauri
  • Brazilian Oak
Complete Technical Characteristics
Physical and processing specifications for this hardwood species.
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