Incredibly durable with outstanding strength, Ipe or Groenhart is twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder. Itís tough enough to have enjoyed a long history in the industrial world as the ideal product for railway ties and heavy truck bedding. Yet it's highly attractive appearance makes a magnificent addition to your home.

About Ipe Hardwood
Perfect for both residential and commercial installations. Ipe has a density of 60-75 lbs/ft3 and a Class ďAĒ fire rating in the US making it very resistant to fire, wood boring insects, and fungi.

A cluster of many trees from the Bignoniaceae family, colours vary from a medium straw with olive green overtones to a reddish brown with darker black streaks.

Ipe undergoes a large degree of colour change with the natural aging of the olive-brown tones into a light silver grey colour over time.

Janka Hardness: 3680
Texture: Fine to Medium
Botanical Name: Tabebuia Serratifolia
Family: Bignoniaceae

International Trade Names:
  • Ipe
  • Cortez
  • Brazilian Walnut
  • Lapacho
  • Tabebuia
Complete Technical Characteristics
Physical and processing specifications for this hardwood species.
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