Resistant to daily wear and tear and similar to the mahoganies in grain pattern, Jatoba is a breathtaking all-natural addition to any floor space. One of the most durable on the market, this long-lasting hardwood will show no sign of use for many years to come.

About Jatoba Hardwood
With a uniform grain and consistent colour throughout, this hardwood is top of its class. Commonly known as Brazilian Cherry.

Like domestic cherry, Brazilian Cherry will change dramatically over time. When first milled, Jatoba is a tan or salmon colour with black striping which turns a rich deep red colour. Being photosensitive, this amazing hardwood changes its colour as it ages from a rich, tonally varied brown to a lustrous burgundy.

This species is the most popular imported species given its inherent beauty, rich colouring and superior hardness.

Janka Hardness: 2820
Texture: Fine
Botanical Name: Hymenaea Courbaril
Family: Leguminosae

International Trade Names:
  • Jatoba
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Locust
Complete Technical Characteristics
Physical and processing specifications for this hardwood species.
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