A red brown to yellow brown hardwood with unique 3D look.
  • Medium, uniform texture
  • Straight, occasional interlocks
  • Medium colour range
The highly sought after "wheat" colour in a more durable species.
  • Fine texture
  • Medium graining pattern.
  • Resists decay, impact, insects
The naturally beautiful frequent choice for interiors or decking.
  • Lush brownish red colouring
  • Highly durable
  • Age and impact resistant
Excellent dimensional stability
in a dramatic purple.
  • Medium to fine texture
  • Hard, strong and dense
  • Medium to high luster
Can vary from yellow/tan with green tones to blackish brown.
  • Extremely hard, dense wood
  • Exceedingly fine graining
  • Very long life span
A gorgeous red hardwood also known as Brazilian Cherry.
  • Rich colouring
  • Superior hardness
  • Most popular imported wood

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